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Nice job! The Average of your score is which falls in the range of 10 to 15. You are on the Awareness Level.

Awareness level

Awareness Level:

Thank you for completing the AI Maturity Assessment. Your results indicate that your organization is currently in the Awareness stage of AI maturity. This means that your organization has a good understanding of AI but has yet to take substantial action in its implementation. You may have discussed AI and generated ideas, but the transition to concrete strategies has not yet occurred. Data analysis is primarily manual, lacking the support of intelligent tools and advanced data storage methods. This assessment is your first step toward a more data-driven future.

Nice job! The Average of your score is which falls in the range of 16 to 25. You are on the Active Level.

Active Level

Active Level:

Your assessment suggests that your organization falls into the Active stage of AI maturity. This stage indicates that you are transitioning from general awareness to specific inquiries about how AI can address your challenges and opportunities. Raw data may be stored in fragmented systems, and your decision-making processes are typically not data driven. This stage represents a great opportunity to explore and leverage the power of AI to enhance your operations and decision-making.

Nice job! The Average of your score is which falls in the range of 26 to 35. You are on the Operational Level.

Operational Level

Operational Level:

Based on your responses, it appears that your organization is currently in the Operational stage of AI maturity. This means you have integrated machine learning into your daily operations, maintaining models, and employing a team of ML engineers. You are actively using ML to aid in information processing tasks. However, a central AI platform is not yet in place, and your AI capabilities are primarily at an operational level. This assessment can serve as a guide for further advancements in AI integration.

Nice job! The Average of your score is which falls in the range of 36 to 45. You are on the Systemic Level.

Systemic Level

Systemic Level:

Your AI Maturity Assessment results indicate that your organization is in the Systemic stage of AI maturity. Congratulations! At this stage, you are effectively leveraging AI to disrupt traditional business models. AI is integrated across various company functions and embedded in existing products, services, and processes. Rules for AI model governance are well-defined and followed, while AI plays a central role in decision-making and is centrally managed. This stage signifies significant progress in AI adoption and utilization.

Nice job! The Average of your score is which falls in the range of 46 to 50. You are on the Transformational Level.

Transformational Level

Transformational Level:

Your assessment results reveal that your organization is among the few that have reached the Transformational stage of AI maturity. This is the highest level of AI maturity and represents a remarkable achievement. You use ML extensively and intentionally, often as a unique value proposition for your customers. AI is deeply embedded in your business model, corporate strategy, and various aspects of the organization. You prioritize data as both a raw material and a product, and you adhere to strict regulatory and ethical standards. Your AI solutions are centrally managed, and you are actively contributing to the evolution of AI’s impact on business and society.

Make Data-driven Insights Part of Your Growth Strategy with AI

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  • Explore the power of data-driven decision-making in our e-book, where we delve into its role in risk reduction, faster decision-making, and cost savings.
  • Inside, discover the significance of data utilization, real-world use cases, tips for integrating AIaaS with legacy systems, and insights on shaping the future with data-driven strategies.

What to expect from this eBook?

Cygnet’s Digital Incubation Centre

From Insights to Action – Leveraging AI Solutions

Elevate your C-Suite Role: Unlock Actionable Insights

Challenges of Legacy Systems vs. AIaaS

Benefits of running your database in the cloud

The Power of Data Utilization

The Future of AI as a Service

Ready to Deploy Framework

15+ years

15+ years

in business transformational solutions



Delivered Data & AI Modernization program



Experienced D&A practitioner in a leading industry analytics practice.



Assets (Platforms, Solutions, Tools and Frameworks)

Driving towards an intelligent eco-system

To Formulate, Enable & Execute End- End Data Strategies To Minimize The Time From Data To Insight To Value

Advisory-led Transformation & Modernization Services

Assist organizations to look at digital transformation as a holistic business enabler with Data, Analytics and AI driving the decision making

Data Management

Modernizing Data Architecture into Data Mesh, Fabric to dissemination
of data across business units and for enterprise needs

Visualization & Analytics

Use of advanced visualization framework for better insights compared to traditional BI reporting

(X) AI

Value added service to derive business outcome-based models to help organizations in revenue and spending optimization

Data & BI Ops

Holistic view to governing across the modern data, BI and AI stack from pipelines to consumption

Business Data-as-a-Service

Enabling customers Transforming raw data into Fit for purpose Business Data through DaaS