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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Why reserve an expensive workforce for repetitive and non-technical vendor queries? Why not automate using a custom-built chatbot? Vendors often ask the following questions as part of their frequently asked questions.    

  • How do I register as a vendor? 
  • What is all the info required to register as a vendor?   
  • What are the criteria and duration needed to qualify? 
  • Where can I see all the open purchase requisitions/Orders? 
  • Where can I submit the product offer price (product catalogue and offer price)? 
  • How do I submit a quotation? 
  • How do I know vendor shortlisting and its criteria? 
  • What is your notification procedure for releasing the orders, or how do you issue the order? 
  • What is the status of my goods delivered? 
  • What is the quality status of the goods delivered, along with rejection reasons, if any?   
  • What is the invoice status and bank transaction status if paid? 
  • How do I change my account number? 
  • How do I change my PAN number?

Enhancing collaboration, process efficiency and productivity


In today’s fast-paced business environment, seamless collaboration and efficient processes are essential for vendors to thrive. SAP custom Chatbot, an innovative solution powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), offers a unique opportunity for vendors to enhance their interaction with SAP ERP systems and streamline their operations. This blog will explore real-world scenarios where vendors can benefit from a chatbot, revolutionizing their engagement with SAP and improving their overall experience.  

The main concern of all organizations is security regarding digitalization and modernization. We ensure both authorization and authentication of vendors using OTP verification and SAP Standard Roles to enforce granular control over business-critical data.   

Check out the below scenarios where vendors can be benefitted from our chatbot.   

Scenario 1: Simplified purchase order and purchase requisition-related inquiry 

Vendors often need real-time updates on the status of their purchase orders. With our chatbot, vendors can converse with the bot to inquire about the quality of their demands. By providing the necessary information, such as the purchase order number or vendor code, the chatbot retrieves the latest updates from the SAP system and promptly responds with accurate information. This scenario eliminates the need for vendors to navigate complex systems/apps or wait for manual updates, resulting in improved transparency and proactive order management. 

Scenario 2: Efficient invoice submission and tracking 

Submitting and tracking invoices can be a time-consuming process for vendors. Our Offering streamlines this workflow by providing a user-friendly interface for invoice submission. Vendors can interact with the chatbot and upload their invoices, from which the chatbot extracts relevant details such as invoice number, amount, due date and others using IDP/OCR. The chatbot validates the information, performs necessary checks, and seamlessly integrates with the SAP system for invoice processing. Vendors can also inquire about the status of their invoices, enabling real-time tracking and proactive follow-ups.

Enterprise Applications and SAP

Scenario 3: Vendor master data management 

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date vendor master data is crucial for smooth business operations. Our Fiori-based Chatbot offers vendors a convenient way to manage their master data. Vendors can interact with the chatbot to update their contact information, banking details, or tax identification numbers. The chatbot validates the changes, ensures data integrity, and synchronizes the updated information with the SAP system. This scenario empowers vendors to take control of their master data, reducing administrative efforts and ensuring accurate information in the system. UI Adaptive cards in the chatbot allow vendors to register themselves. 

Scenario 4: Timely payment status and remittance advice 

Cash flow management is vital for vendors, and timely payment information is essential for financial planning. Our chatbot lets vendors inquire about payment statuses and receive remittance advice electronically. Vendors can interact with the chatbot, provide invoice details or payment references, and instantly access information on payment status, payment dates, and remittance details. This real-time visibility enhances financial transparency, enables proactive cash flow management, and improves vendor-customer relationships. 


SAP Chatbot offers vendors a transformative platform to enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and improve efficiency in their interactions with SAP systems. By leveraging the capabilities of a chatbot, vendors can benefit from simplified purchase order status inquiries, efficient invoice submission and tracking, streamlined vendor master data management, and timely payment status updates. This technology-driven Solution empowers vendors to optimize operations, reduce manual efforts, and strengthen their partnership with SAP. Embrace SAP Chatbot and unlock a new era of productivity and collaboration for your vendor ecosystem.  

We have observed 50% – 70% of employee and vendor satisfaction, and employees are better utilized for strategic and more meaningful initiatives in procurement functions.   

How to know more about SAP solutions and services?   

The SAP capabilities and services are focused on business outcomes for our suppliers and customers. Connect with our SAP experts and take a better step towards simplifying your SAP vendor management. 

Let Cygnet Digital be your technology partner in growth and innovation. Reach out to us today!

Trushit Patel

Trushit Patel

SAP Practitioner

Trushit Patel is an SAP Full stack developer. Specializing in SAP Custom Chatbots, Analytics Dashboards, and purchase automation, he leverages deep knowledge of core and emerging SAP technologies. A digitalization enthusiast skilled in automation and AI, Trushit drives business growth through innovative solutions.

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