About Client 

The client is one of the leading B2B level solution providers for CFO & executive officers to help them manage their finance and funds easily. 

Country USA
Industry Finance

Business Requirement

  • Develop platform for executive level officers which enables them to manage finance and funds along with delegation workflow. 
  • The tool that is revenue centric and plays an important role in future expense prediction from the current financial specification & allows us to decide the current situation.

Our Solution

  • Organize the agency with master modules like financial year, department, division, branch, vacancy, employee, location, and employee attendance & salaries.  
  • Budget planning & approval workflow setup, here, CFO sets the benchmark; employees plan their budget through direct amount against the budget line item and submitting it for approval with multi-level workflow and delegation rules. 
  • Budget planning 
  1. Setup benchmark 
  2. Budget submission 
  3. Budget locking 
  • Budget Execution/tracking (via multiple processes) 
  1. Requirement alteration 
  2. Managing funds 
  3. Requirement tracker 
  4. Contract & amendment 
  5. Invoicing 
  • Definition of process-specific approval flow 
  • Workforce tracking with attrition ratio using Billet, Vacancy & Employee modules 
  • Process-specific dynamic workflow 
  • Integration with Ad-hoc reporting tool
  • Facilitation of organization structure and Line of Accounts (LOA) setup 
  • Dashboards with KPIs for Executives, HR & Security, Funding Management 
  • Generation of ad-hoc dynamic reports with JReports 

Tools & Technologies 

  • ASP.Net 4.6 Framework 
  • MS SQL 2014 
  • Kendo UI 
  • jQuery / JavaScript 
  • Razor 
  • Redis 

Business Outcomes 

  • Centralized platform to perform distinct operations with real-time resource data 
  • Enhanced data reporting 
  • Accelerated requirement tracking 

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