About Client    

The client company was founded in 2003 with an idea to use IT expertise to start building better solutions for the logistics business. It develops and commercializes mobile logistics solutions. The client assists customers in tracking, analyzing and optimizing their fleet, goods, shipments and cargo management. The client has experience in the food, pharmaceutical and goods distribution sectors as well as with trailers or multi-modal fleets. 

Country Europe
Industry Logistics

Business Requirement

  • To be able to offer consumers a comprehensive, ultra-fresh range, the logistics chain needs to be transparent and flexible 
  • Build a trailer track and trace solution for real-time monitoring of store deliveries as well as the return process of pallets, roll containers and another packaging to the distribution center 
  • A system where drivers can use their PDA to log onto the system, so they can sign in and receive a transport order, goods scanning on delivery, while any returning pallets and packaging are registered. This should allow a real-time tracking of goods delivery and give the retailers conclusive proof of delivery
  • Using the system, have a clear view of the exact delivery times and should also have a glance at whether planning projections and service levels have been respected 
  • Develop the mobile application and APIs to support the mobile app 

Our Solution

  • Inventory management and track & trace system for real time monitoring of goods 
  • A web API in .NET core and native android app development using Kotlin
  • Micro-services architecture for better scalability in future 
  • A scalable architecture and simplified workflows for a mobile application  

Tools & Technologies 

  • Architecture: Microservice 
  • Web Technology: .NET Core 
  • Mobile: Android 
  • Other Tools: Android Studio, Visual Studio, Git, SVN, Redmine 

Business Outcomes 

  • Transparent and flexible logistics chain  
  • Enhanced delivery transparency  
  • Real time tracking of goods from distribution center to store  
  • Clear view of exact delivery times 

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