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About Client   

A US-based medical billing company that provides medical doctors medical billing software as well as powerful computer support in the Healthcare industry. 

Country USA
Industry Healthcare

Business Requirement

  • An easy-to-use single system that could help keep track of appointments, schedules, insurance, lab results, and complete billing details 
  • A system to provide efficient patient details management and document repository that will help practices to overcome the need for managing documents and thus help in paperless practice 

Our Solution

  • An Electronic Medical Records system designed with a vista look and feel for practicing physicians 
  • Easy to use and comprehensive solution that streamlines the complete practice workflow while automating all the vital processes within a practice.  
  • The system that acts as a single point of communication between staff across various locations and practices, billing systems, laboratories, and the insurance company.  
  • All the information about a patient visit from arrival to checkout can be found by a staff member. 

The below-mentioned modules were designed to empower the EMR: 

  • Appointment Scheduler 
    The scheduler provides an effective way for providers to manage schedules and track appointments across locations 
  • Eligibility Verification 
    Online verification and authorization of insurance eligibility can be performed instantly thus ensuring the credibility of the patient 
  • Patient Demographics and Diagnosis chart 
    EMR systematically stores patient records. It allows easy access to records, diagnosis, lab records, history, recall, and other patient details at a single click. 
  • Document Management 
    The document manager allows the users to store all demographics, labs, billing-related documents in digital format and enables easy retrieval. EMR provides services for scanning paper records in electronic format. With instant access to information, these services eliminate the headaches of cumbersome methods of document storage. 
  • Copay & Billing System 
  1. The system allows the practice to manage all patient billing and accounting seamlessly and efficiently. It is fully integrated with the EMR, appointment system, and charge capture. 
  2. This module captures charges at regular intervals as specified in the workflow. Complete integration with ledgers provides the necessary accounting information. Designed to ensure accuracy in billing and faster claims processing. 
  • Lab Order Integration 
    Doctors can instantly request lab reports and view lab reports right from the Patient Details section thus minimizing coordination effort with the laboratory. 
  • Patient Recall 
    A unique Patient Reminder system that connects with patients to remind them of upcoming appointments ensuring minimal appointment no-shows for the clinic. 

Tools & Technologies 

  • Delphi 2006  
  • SQL server 2008.  
  • .NET Web services

Business Outcomes 

  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly system 
  • Better information accessibility and reduced paperwork 
  • Cost and time-effective 

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