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About Client     

The client is a USA-based mobility platform provider aimed at developing a smart parking ecosystem. It empowers daily commuters, space owners, corporates, businesses, commercial establishments, and government by enabling simplified permits and parking, and improvised revenue through its tenant-based system design. 

Country USA
Industry Finance

Business Requirement

  • Design a solution to ensure efficient management of permit, payment, and enforcement activities via a network of parking spot owners, riders, and service providers that form the ecosystem of smart city solutions. 

Our Solution

  • Parking management system – efficient, connected, secured, an all-in-one ecosystem 
  1. Tenant-based SaaS System, which can be used by individuals, private offices, government institutions, and universities 
  • IP360 – Parking violation system 
  1. Developed mobile solution for enforcement agencies to register the spot of violation, type, and time of the violation 
  • Microservices implemented 
  1. Centers for permit, profile, system, payment, notification, reporting, identity, activity, and console 

Key Features 

  • AWS services: Ensured smooth and robust delivery we have utilized various AWS services including CloudFront, Lambda, EKS, ECR, NLP, API Gateway, KMS, SQS, SNS, and SES 
  • Microservice architecture: Helped implement evolutionary-based architecture and make the application extensible and flexible to adapt to the new market requirements 
  • Multitenancy: Single service instance server multiple customers with different data isolation using database per tenant approach 
  • Cloud-native architecture: Ready to scale automatically (horizontally and vertically) during peak loads 
  • Hybrid hosting: Web applications and services hosted on the client’s AWS cloud infrastructure where data centers are hosted on tenant’s infrastructure 
  • Stateless instead of stateful: Stateless application increased the performance and allowed the system to handle more requests. It also allowed the system to scale horizontally to handle peak or high traffic without any performance impact on the system 
  • Adapt open-source platform and libraries: Open-source platform libraries were adapted to reuse already implemented solutions instead of designing and developing them from the scratch (i.e., Hangfire for job scheduling tasks, SignalR for real-time notification to web application, etc.)

Tools & Technologies 

  • Web & mobile technology: .NET Core, Angular 10, TypeScript, jQuery 
  • Frameworks: JWT Bearer Token, Identity Server 4  
  • Blockchain: Ethereum 
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB (on AWS Aurora and RDS) 
  • Cloud Native: AWS 

Business Outcomes 

  • Increased revenue recovery by 20% using automated parking enforcement 
  • Reduced operational cost by 30% by automating management of violation tickets   
  • Increased efficiency by ease of process and payment collection for individual parking owners 
  • CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) increased by 20% by increasing speed of processing at entry/exit point for vehicle owners without long queues 

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