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About Client  

The client is an end-to-end system provider with state-of-the-art smart transportation solutions delivering multi-model transport integrated solutions into the Smart Cities implementation. The client is a UK-based ISV that is focused on delivering intelligent and deeply integrated Traffic and Public Transport solutions tailored to the requirements of traffic managers, emergency planners, and passengers across UK and Australia.  

Country UK
Industry Transport

Business Requirement

Build a new product with advanced features and facilities such as:  

  • Give a higher level of traveler care through enhanced & accurate information on public transport services  
  • Consider bus operator objectives i.e., to monitor not only the movements of their vehicles but also have an on-hand report on the key performance indicator of their business ranging from patronage, traffic, adherence to system performance at every hour at every minute, analyze every position sent by vehicle for a journey and algorithmic work done against it 
  • Enable commuters to optimally plan their journey based on real-time traffic   and location-based data 
  • Integration with environmental sensors to help with measurement of air quality and facility of detecting the level of carbon dioxide 
  • Seamless transition of fleet operation information from varied transportation systems for enhanced operational efficiency 
  • Facilitate management of road infrastructure by triggering real-time alerts on roadblocks, congestion, accidents on-road routes, etc.  

Our Solution

  • Real-Time Transport System with Advanced Analytics 
  1. Planning and scheduling 
  2. Automatic vehicle location system 
  3. Public portal and mobile app 
  4. Incident management 
  5. HR and payroll 
  6. Reporting 
  • Traffic Management  
  1. Operate for traffic signals and Junctions to manage the priorities, movement of traffic and management of services 
  2. AI implementation with the help of ANN Deep Learning techniques 
  3. Integrated IoT devices and sensors installed within the city to monitor traffic and public safety conditions 
  • Bus Stand Operations 
  1. Bus stand operations to manage 1000+ journeys per hour and 1,00,000+ passengers per day 
  2. AI Implementation to dynamically assess & identify the traffic conditions within the bus port and suggest the route trajectory for bus drivers & operators 

Tools & Technologies 

  • Platform: MS Azure, Windows CE, Microsoft BI Suite 
  • Technology: MS.NET, jQuery, Python, Scala, C++ 
  • Mobility: Android, IOS 
  • Frameworks: Rhino Mocks, TestingWhiz 
  • Database: SQL, Elastic Search 

Business Outcomes 

  • Increased accuracy by 95% in whole network view predictions 
  • Improved operational efficiency by 70% at bus terminals 
  • Cumulative revenue increased up to £460,000+  
  • Increased B2C users by 1 million+ passengers/day in 24*7 mode 
  • Increased B2B customers; covered 50+ counties of UK & Australia 
  • Optimized road networks and controlled passenger flow 

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