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About Client 

The client is a leading payments solutions provider, been in this business for the last 20 years they have developed innovative technology solutions for some of the world’s largest financial/payment institutions and international merchants with more than 100 banks, which has over three million multichannel merchants, and over 300 million consumer cardholders. 

Country UK
Industry Finance

Business Requirement

  • The client had a legacy system that wasn’t modern enough for achieving new features and market standards. They needed to minimize downtime and fastened product releases to increase the transaction speed and faster processing 
  • There was a huge tech debt and process discarding for maintaining the product and manual work operations for which a utility was required  
  • There was a pile up of outdated documents that required artifacts to be built for streamlining 

Our Solution

  • Technical Due Diligence  
  • Hand-in-hand collaboration in the identification and definition of long-term and short-term goals 
  • Architectural upgrades to reduce dependency by migrating from Monolithic to Microservice 
  • Roadmap definition along with Process and resource optimization  
  • Introduction of TestingWhiz into their DevOps pipeline for test automation and reliability  
  • From lift and shift to Cloud service adaptation  
  • Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing (VAPT)  
  • Products & services maintenance  
  • Conducted performance and complexity analysis to identify the End of life of their legacy application 

Key Features

Existing Architecture and Infrastructure modernization  

  • Scrutinized their current architecture and modernized it seamlessly  
  • Built market-compatible technical architecture for the financial domain  
  • Technical Due Diligence  
  • Quality report for all projects 

Fuel Card Platform  

  • Extended production issue support for their dedicated fuel payments platform and real-time b2b fraud detection platform
  • Helped achieve business continuity with on-going modernization etc.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention Platform  
  • Helped achieve business continuity with on-going modernization etc.  
  • Technology version update for the previously built application 

Tools & Technology 

  • Development Framework – .Net Core 6.0, JavaScript 
  • Database – Azure SQL server/CosmosDB/Azure Search 
  • Programming Language – C# 10.0/NodeJS, ReactJS 18.0/ vue.js, Ansible scripts, YAML scripts 
  • Application Design Structure – Serverless and container orchestrated 
  • Document storage – Confluence, SharePoint 
  • Logging – Azure Application Insights, Logs.io, New Relic, AppDynamics 
  • Prometheus – open-source pods monitoring tool for Kubernetes 

Business Outcome

  • Increased investment flow after conducting Technical Due Diligence (TDD) 
  • Built a strategic IT roadmap for enterprise digital transformation and enhanced funding from clients 
  • Vision clarity for the next 3 years 
  • Operational processes are optimized, and outputs are streamlined 

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