Reshape your business digitally for the new-age smart customers

For a retail business to thrive, customer engagement, retention and satisfaction are indispensable. Innovative products, optimized operations and empowered employees can take a retail business to unprecedented heights. By remaining resilient and serving customers to create personalized experiences, a digital ecosystem can balance demand and supply and deliver an omnichannel experience.

At Cygnet Digital, we aid retailers in improving and expanding with the right strategy, data and level of agility with digitalization in retail industry. With our skills in machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and unified commerce, we cater to the retail industry’s CRM, ERP, and BI needs.

Our experts with deep industry knowledge assist clients across 11+ countries in service design, demand and supply planning, intelligent retail operations, macro and micro consumer journey mapping, procurement and fulfilment.

Use Cases

Get to know your customers more

Integrate consumer preferences, experiences and expectations into products and product development with written and visual social content analytics and AI-driven consumer research to improve product ROI with merchandise offerings.

Maintain the right amount of inventory through our intelligence services

Manage inventory with real-time visibility into logical status (such as safety stock), location, and physical status of orders, forecasts across orders, delivery, and receiving channels at the pallet inventory level.

Attract more customers with instant loan facility

Convert more carts into sales and increase the value of the order by offering ‘buy now, pay later’ option as a part of the point of sale. Attract new customers and send targeted ads using instant loan provider’s network.

Facilitate customers with proficient digital assistant

Develop a solution where consumers can view all available shipping options at associated prices.

Reinvent the travel experience with technovation

Post pandemic, the travel industry has no other option but to stay ahead of the competition with cognitive customer experiences that scale. To keep delivering personalized traveler services, it has become mandatory for travel organizations to adapt to the digital transformation.

The experts at Cygnet Digital work with the world’s leading travel companies to build creative and pragmatic solutions for their business. We help our clients navigate business challenges and modernize their digital front, reservation systems, customer service, and back-office processes. Our experienced professionals focus on shaping the travel experience that leaves lasting impressions.

Use Cases

Make your journey less hectic with intelligent traffic management

Manage the traffic smartly by gathering data from drivers and sensors into the traffic management systems and leveraging smart signaling processes.

Ease your parking management with smart parking technology

Reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions with smart parking while improving parking turnover, violation collections and easy to find parking through mobile devices.

Upgrade transportation access with advanced public transit

Improve transportation access with the help of improvised on-time performance with safer operations and real-time information for passengers with advanced public transit.

Build fully connected infrastructure for improved operations

Enhance the capability of deploying new applications cost effectively.

Transform and modernize your mobility ecosystem to be resilient

The subsequent changes in technology and consumer expectations, issues such as fragmenting transportation costs, the rise in fuel, and driver shortages during a worldwide pandemic have catapulted us into a new era of transportation complexity. The demand for real-time data, AI-enabled tracking and monitoring boosted by hyper automation of manual and operational processes is an all-time high. Working towards digital transformation will help you overcome the challenges smartly and in turn lead your business towards commercial transformation.

With our end-to-end solutions, Cygnet Digital is accelerating the revival of the transportation and logistics sector. Our expertise, intelligent technology ecosystem, and high-value-add services combine to create long-lasting resilience that guarantees business continuity. With the help of dedicated certified consultants, our competence in the IoT, data intelligence, blockchain, multi-cloud environment, and automation helps you achieve real-time excellence to attain seamless execution.

Use Cases

Increase the supply chain visibility to trading partners

Improve efficiency with external business partners by providing better visibility in transportation and freight methods in the supply chain, and better tracking of shipments from suppliers to manufacturers, distributors, and ultimately to delivery.

Facilitate customers with proficient digital assistant

Develop a solution where consumers can view all available shipping options at associated prices.

Optimize your prolonged process with modernized infrastructure

Improve the organization’s ability to integrate new contactless applications quickly and smoothly with modern infrastructure.

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