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Cygnet Digital’s Data Virtualization services help clients switch to virtualization to control workloads across data centers. We consolidate and modernize your infrastructure to drive growth and innovation while leveraging market-leading platforms such as VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, etc. with proven excellence. We focus on helping clients in switching over to a virtualized IT environment and meet the demand for more efficient IT operations.

Make rapid innovation with virtualized data and stay ahead of the competition with simplified workflows.

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Application Virtualization

Host the required application in a data center and build images for the end-user devices to capture actions back to the application.

Network Virtualization

Implement Software Defined Networks (SDN) and gain enhanced agility with high network utilization.

Storage virtualization

Pool physical storage from multiple network storage devices into a single storage device managed from a central console to make the most out of virtualized storage

Server Virtualization

Create partition in one physical server and build multiple isolated virtual environments to help each virtual environment run independently to meet business needs.

Data Virtualization

Abstract the traditional technical details of data and data management, such as location, performance, or format, for broader access and more resiliency towards business needs.

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