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Cygnet Digital’s Data Visualization services help clients enable to communicate your data as impactful, actionable, and engaging to your stakeholders. We help convert the data into an interactive and easy-to-read dashboard. By leveraging tools like Power BI and Tableau, our data experts validate the data using statistical summary and substantial analysis. We eliminate the dependencies and errors caused by manual data handling. We focus on delivering results based on the data needs of our clients.

Gain effective visualization on agile and extensible modern data platforms to drive transformation for your enterprise.

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Dashboard Optimization

Optimize the dashboard at various levels such as pipeline, data model, and semantic to yield dramatic performance increases.

Tableau to Power BI Migration

Graphically present complex datasets, identify relations and trends to rapidly correlate the influences affecting the business today.

Data Platform Development

Build next generation platforms to enable BI development in sync with platform modernization efforts, providing guidance to engineering teams.

Power BI Services

Gain every service including Power BI implementation, visualization and value realization to flexibly resolve all business intelligence requirements.

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