Considering all the companies across industries, insurance companies have shown a low-risk appetite for stability while it should be the one being more open to change. The insurance industry has been functioning at the intersection of traditional and digital insurance in the last decade. The digital transformation in the insurance industry is experiencing a boost lately. To cater to the next generation of insureds, insurers must adopt technology that resonates with the users and makes their experience a cakewalk.

A new force, digital technology, is expected to bring profound changes in the insurance industry. The ever-evolving technological industry and shifting carriers have prompted a rush of technology developments for insurers. The way customers interact with carriers is evolving because of new digital technology and enabling efficiency improvements, enter risk selection and claims handling for experiencing a superior customer experience (CX).

What to expect from this ebook?

  • Impacts of digital transformation in the insurance industry
  • Digital transformation trends
  • Benefits of Insurtech
  • How digital insurance will overcome industry challenges

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