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Cygnet Digital’s Enterprise Platform Integration services focus on transforming our client’s existing integration challenges into opportunities. We enable clients to integrate their platforms to provide real-time view of data across various channels. Our goal is to offer seamless connectivity and simplified data exchange between disparate applications, services, databases, and legacy systems, which are critical for the growth of an enterprise.

Seamlessly integrate the applications and breakdown silos while enhancing the customer experience with us.

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Heterogeneous Data Integration

Integrate multiple data sources spread across diverse IT environments and build connections with storage systems and databases across the organization with us.

Backend Integration

Get custom consolidated backend integration done while safeguarding communication across your existing CRM, ERP, ECM, and other custom applications.

API Integration

Employ the programming interfaces that can help your business applications to share commercial space on the online offerings of various third-party services. Our API integration experts will help you offer quick interaction with various e-commerce solutions, payment gateways, geo-location services, social networks, advertising platforms and cloud storages.

Web Services Integration

Integrate your IT infrastructure with various web services and experience effortless communication while offering easy business transactions, automated business processes, and organized information.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Enablement

Our end-to-end Enterprise Services implementation services bring in integration of all the IT infrastructure components and applications through communication amongst them.

Client Success


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