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Cygnet Digital’s Identity and Access Management services help clients to build and operate their identity lifecycle and governance processes. We utilize intelligent authentication and authorization approaches across the digital ecosystem to restrict the access of unauthorized users. We focus on saving your networks from rising threats and vulnerabilities, both external and internal.

Our security experts enable clients to establish identity lifecycles by setting up processes for authorization. Authorize access and grant necessary privileges to both internal and external stakeholders with our smartly managed IAM services.

Bring action to the strategies for a mature identity program.

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IAM Advisory 

Review the organization’s current IAM policies, procedures, and technologies, and provide recommendations for strengthening security and improving efficiency.

Identity Governance and Administration

With IGA, an organization can improve its security posture, reduce the risk of data breaches, and achieve compliance with regulatory requirements.

Privileged Access Management 

PAM with the help of technologies, processes, and policies will enable organizations to manage, control, and monitor privileged access to their critical systems, applications, and data.

Cloud Access Management & Authentication

Improve user experience of customers and workforce by providing secure and easy-to-use access to cloud-based resources and applications.

Hybrid Access Management

Manage user access to a combination of on-premises and cloud-based resources and applications. Simplify the migration to IDaaS with robust hybrid access management.

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