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Cygnet Digital’s MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud native and Headless commerce) & Composable Commerce services allows clients to convert their commerce vision to reality. The future of commerce is here with headless and composable commerce approaches and commerce applications built on MACH architecture. Our team of experts help clients develop fast, flexible, and customer-centric commerce solutions to tailor experiences that meet their business needs and become more agile to thrive. We focus on delivering cutting-edge composable Commerce with exceptional customer experience and optimized business flexibility.

Challenge the benchmarks of commerce with our MACH and Composable commerce and keep up with ever-evolving customer expectations.

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Years of experience in Digital Engineering


Technology Professionals


Customers across Geography


Enterprise Solutions



Stay ahead of monolithic and rigid eCommerce with modern microservices architecture.


Deliver exceptional unified experience with a decoupled yet interconnected system of API-first interface.

Cloud Native

Enable seamless scalability, high performance, security, and hassle-free automatic upgrades with a cloud native infrastructure.


Decouple the front-end from back-end while enabling the businesses to create custom front ends that deliver unique and consistent experiences to customers across multiple channels and devices with headless.


Select best-of-breed commerce components from various third-party vendors and compose them into a custom application for specific business purposes.

Client Success


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