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It is high time for the manufacturing industries to adopt the latest global trends of digitization to empower the 4th industrial revolution and create resilient systems for the future. By utilizing the latest digital skills and technologies, manufacturers are enabled to make business decisions based on real-time contextual data.

Cygnet Digital helps the clients reshape the technology and manufacturing industry landscape. We connect digital technology with the engineering of complex devices, vehicles, and equipment, to help our clients with a more intelligent manufacturing experience for their business.

Use Cases

Efficient driver management made easy with our active driver assignment service

Automate the process of driver assignment and load optimization with active driver assignment solution developed using predefined rules leading to reduced time in transit and lower operating costs.

Simplify your experience with same-day, last mile delivery

This approach allows customers to have their orders delivered on the same day they place them. Thus, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-time transparency in last-mile same-day delivery

Gain and improve the delivery visibility with last-mile same-day visibility by utilizing the latest digital tools that connect to the service and to the end customer to offer efficiency.

Maintain the right amount of inventory through our intelligence service

Reduce inventory levels and lower management costs with continuous assessment of inventory position related to demand, production capacities, and supply position.

Augmenting production with dynamic capacity balancing

Develop mode and route capabilities and maximize available capacity on the basis of short-term demand forecasts.

Efficient billing with real-time invoice match and discounts

Match invoices and discounts automatically in real-time to add value to the cycle and improve the process.

Stay ahead of the curve with predictive vehicle tracking

Predictive analytics improves customer satisfaction and retention by enabling decision-making based on vehicle tracking.

Cost optimization with risk reduction

Collect geographical location data from the driver with automated vehicle maintenance information to reduce risk and minimize cost avoidance.

Accelerating product innovation at scale with robust digital solutions

How we interact with the people and things around us is ever evolving with advancements in technology and habits. Tech companies are the enablers and are continuously differentiating themselves by investing in AI-infused platforms, cloud-native services, a variety of intelligent edge devices, IoT and subscription economies. To become a trusted partner of choice for businesses, governments, institutions, and societies. Companies are quickening the development of the lifecycle on the consumer side as well.

Born as a digital organization and a partner for technology companies, Cygnet Digital has grown organically, establishing a concrete foundation anchored in cutting-edge digital services and cloud, intelligent, enterprise competence. We have a team of great talents in place, reliable products, and partner ecosystem to meet the needs of our tech clients.

Use Cases

Digital, Application and Product Engineering

Create innovative digital solutions for the era of digital acceleration. Our team of experienced engineers will build exponential business value while leveraging the power of software, data, connectivity, intelligence and new-age technologies.


Combine automation with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and streamline repetitive tasks in your organization while reducing many elements, including human and process errors, operational risk, and, perhaps most importantly, costs.

Quality Engineering Services

Realize improved ROI on your technology spend by working on outcome-driven models. Our automation-led Quality Engineering services approach leverages DevSecOps architecture to optimize software release cycles and launch high-quality applications at an accelerated pace. Clients have achieved over 40% productivity gains through this approach.

Managed IT & Security

Keep your infrastructure manageable, scalable, secure as well as resilient while keeping up with hybrid challenges. Our managed IT services focus on aligning IT operations to business needs along with a 24*7 support center.

Cloud & DevOps

Speed up your operations while lowering costs by smartly including emerging technologies, improving efficiency, and shortening the release management cycle with DevOps. Our DevSecOps experts run your cloud security in automated mode by strategically integrating CI/CD for code analysis, IaaS, compliance management and others.

Data Analytics & AI

Leverage AI/ML for advanced data analytics and develop systems that will help to automate the data analytics process. Our team of qualified and experienced data engineering consultants help build high-performance infrastructure and optimize your data architecture to help you make better decisions and transform your business.

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