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Nice job, you scored , and your
processes are Reactive.

This means:

  1. There are no standard processes defined
  2. Testing activities are people dependent
  3. There is Minimum or no Automation


Nice job, you scored , and your processes
are Managed.

This means:

  1. The processes are defined, corrective actions are taken
  2. Test Automation is done extensively
  3. You are on the path to modernize testing


Nice job, you scored , and your processes
are Leading.

This means:

  1. The processes are mature, critical defects identified early in the s/w
    life cycle
  2. You have Modernized Testing
  3. First right of refusal is given to machine

What’s Next?

What’s crucial for you now is to take our detailed Test Maturity Assessment that responds nimbly to shifting priorities. It will guide you in taking incremental steps toward enhancing the maturity of your enterprise testing.

Uncover the full spectrum of your quality engineering capabilities with our detailed Test Maturity Assessment.

By evaluating your current practices and aligning them with your business goals, we empower you to chart a course toward more robust, efficient, and adaptive enterprise testing maturity.

What to expect?

Cygnet’s proprietary Test Maturity Assessment Framework- QEXcelerate not only sheds light on your current testing landscape but also reveals actionable insights highlighting opportunities for enhancement. We scrutinize testing practices across people, processes, and technology to deliver superior business outcomes.

Following the assessment, we go beyond insights; we become your partners in achieving tangible results. Collaboratively, we develop and implement strategies that boost testing efficiency. The benefits are profound – accelerated delivery timelines, enhanced product quality, and optimized resource utilization.

With Cygnet Digital, you’re not just identifying the gaps; you’re filling them with a concrete plan for testing excellence.

Top benefits of Test Maturity Assessment

Enhanced Quality Assurance

Identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to elevate the quality of your products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Cost Optimization

Pinpoint inefficiencies to reduce testing costs, optimizing resource allocation for maximum ROI.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Streamline processes to bring products to market faster, gaining a competitive edge.

Targeted Skill Development

Identify skill gaps and invest in training to empower your team with the necessary expertise.

Strategic Roadmap

Receive a clear roadmap for achieving testing efficiency goals, ensuring a well-defined path to success.

Improved Resource Allocation

Optimize resource utilization by aligning testing practices with business objectives, eliminating waste, and boosting productivity.