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    Digitize beyond the core, embrace the digital economy

    Partner with Cygnet Digital to gain an early cost advantage. We help you embrace SAP’s Activate Methodology to unlock unparalleled potential and dominance in your industry.

    Choose the right migration approach: Greenfield, Brownfield, or Hybrid

    Keep the balance between familiarity and innovation: Brownfield migration retains investments and processes, while a new S/4HANA implementation delivers a standardized, connected, and modern system, enhancing efficiency and flexibility.

    embrace the digital economy

    Challenges we solve

    No matter how challenging the obstacle, our customers exhibit unwavering confidence in our ability to overcome it.

    Difficulty migrating to the latest S/4HANA versions to stabilize and achieve error-free operations.
    Incompetent team, incomplete test plans, inadequate planning, and documentation leads to delayed project timelines, increase in budgets, and uncertain production downtime. 
    Existing ECC has limited options for reporting and analytics and a lack of real-time monitoring and reporting.
    Incomplete Data Transition & Validation leads to data loss and data inconsistency due to redundant data storage.

    To evaluate the existing gaps in your SAP operations and processes

    Post migration - Outcomes you can expect

    Process Transformation

    Faster Closing Process

    Automate tasks, improve data accuracy, and gain visibility into the entire business process from order to cash flow to inventory management using S/4HANA’s cockpit functionality.

    Improved Asset Management

    Manage assets effectively by tracking asset information, optimizing maintenance schedules, and ensure the availability of plant equipment.

    Enhanced Quality Management

    Improve quality management by implementing integrated quality control systems, track data, and ensure quality adherence.

    Efficient Supply Chain Management

    Centralized view of the supply chain, optimize inventory, monitor supplier performance, and deliver products on time.

    Accelerated Sales and Distribution

    Real-time information, respond quickly to customer demands, accelerate sales, and improve order fulfillment.

    Higher Production Efficiency

    Optimize production processes, monitor performance, and ensure timely product delivery.

    Data transfer

    Effective Procurement Management

    Streamline procurement processes, monitor supplier performance, and optimize spend.

    Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

    Access real-time data, generate insights, and improve decision-making.

    Our range of Migration Services

    Migration and advisory services

    SAP suite on HANA, S/4H migration

    Sizing and performance optimization

    Technical & functional migration

    Custom code conversion

    Simplification & add-on activation


    S/4H Analytics

    Why they Resist

    The SAP ERP migration is a daunting task for us, as it requires a lot of planning, coordination, and testing. We need to make sure that our business processes are not interrupted, and that our data is secure and accurate. We also need to make sure that our employees are trained and comfortable with the new system.

    Why they Insist

    Ever since we migrated to S/4HANA, our manufacturing processes have become faster, smoother, and more efficient. Real-time data analytics has been a game changer – allowing us to make better decisions and respond quickly to changing customer demands. Plus, the user-friendly interface has made it easy for everyone on the team to use resulting in increased productivity, and we’ve seen significant savings from reduced downtime and maintenance costs. Overall, we’re really happy with the benefits we’ve achieved!

    At Cygnet Digital, we have a team of strong, certified, and experienced professionals who have the expertise to handle complex migration projects. Our experts follow a structured approach, starting with a thorough analysis of the existing system, developing a migration strategy, and executing & controlling with minimal disruption to the business. We also provide continuous support and application maintenance services to ensure that the newly migrated system runs smoothly and maximizes the benefits of Digital Core much faster than before.
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    Effectively manage your existing SAP systems
    Top Benefits and Best Practices for Managing Your SAP Applications with AMS

    We deliver success.

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