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VAT preparation is not complex, it just needs a competent automated system!

Businesses in the GCC region have encountered several challenges in tax compliance processes. These include complex regulatory frameworks, evolving tax laws, diverse jurisdictional requirements, and manual dependency for preparing VAT returns. As a result, businesses often face difficulties in ensuring accurate and timely tax filings, reporting, and adherence to local regulations. Streamlining these processes with the help of automation is crucial to mitigate risks, avoid penalties, and maintain a consistent and efficient approach to tax compliance in the GCC region.

How does our compliance platform work?

Seamless integration with varied business source systems for data transfer

Automated data validations & massaging enabling the standardization of data received In various formats from different sources

Reconciliation module for varied use cases and automated FTA FAF file preparation

A comprehensive end-to-end solution encompassing the many features

Easy integration

Ready integration with more than 200 ERPs and proprietary systems eradicating human errors

Huge volume transaction

Manage millions of records efficiently. Collation & processing of data from different legacy systems into single platform

400 + validation checks

Quick and easy review that eliminates the risk of penalties and a correction process to ensure data accuracy & completeness 

Easy adjustments

Performs easy adjustments to suit various business cases, saves delay costs and resolve errors

Combine VAT returns for different member companies

Calculate VAT and stay compliant with frequent VAT Returns and Refunds updates for organizations with complex hierarchies & multiple lines of businesses 

Audit readiness for FTA, ZATCA, NBR and OTA

Download VAT compliant audit and refund report from the system with a single click anytime anywhere

Solution powered with automation

Automate returns preparation, government authority audit file generation, input VAT apportionment and audit tracking

Goods Import & Export data reconciliation

Reconciling Goods import and Goods export transactions with custom report and exit data for complex adjustments and calculations

Foreign currency reconciliation

Calculate VAT returns around imports accurately 

Why us? We have the best VAT solution to cater to your needs. Book A Demo

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