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Through Cygnet Digital’s Unified Commerce services, clients can upscale their commerce experience with a composable, consistent, and multichannel approach to enterprise commerce. A unified commerce system is built from the ground up with the customer in mind. This centralized platform consists of unified commerce solutions that allow retailers to provide superior customer experiences. Our experts help clients create unique purchase experiences for customers to build loyalty, retention, and cost saving.

Build one platform and deliver seamless cross-channel experiences to your customers with us. Boost sales by using powerful technology to reconcile commerce.

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Product Information Management

Streamline and integrate the workflows of updating and managing accurate product information such as SKUs, item numbers, catalogs, Images and videos, translations, localizations, documentation, custom attributes throughout multiple customer-facing channels with a centralized Product Information Management system to drive business performance.

Digital Asset Management

Leverage a centralized hub where you can create, store, manage and automatically distribute digital assets for engaging communications across the customer facing channel to enable consistency and deliver an enhanced user experience.

Order Management System

Effectively manage orders, and monitor inventory levels, fulfillment, and returns for businesses to simplify your customer buying process and enable your customers to track each order from its inception to the last mile.

Payment Gateway Integration

Ensure instant and secure transfer of information between several payment processing systems by choosing the optimal payment gateway type and integration pattern for an enhanced shopping experience.

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